Our performance is evident from the numerous activities that the MMS Executive Committee has been organizing every year with an aim to enhance the quality of students‟ lives at Massey University. While studying, members are facilitated with respect in order to fulfil the basic Islamic practices on campus. The MMS helps to create social connections and build communication with other students from different countries. It helps to develop good memories and beautify the experience of studying and learning about Islam for future endeavours. The MMS provides the following services:

 Daily prayers (5 times)

 Friday khutbah management

 Weekly Quran/Arabic classes

 Iftar (for breaking fast) and dinner arrangement during Ramadan

 Website update and maintenance

 Religious events and festivals e.g. Eids, Educational lectures & seminars

 Participation in various Massey events e.g. Clubs Day, Orientation Week

 Organizing Islam Open Day in conjunction with Manawatu Muslim Association under the banner of FIANZ

 Arrangements of excursions such as,sight seeing trips

 Annual and Special General Meetings

 Sports activities e.g. Annual sports Gala

 Islamic centre affairs such as reporting faults, health and safety issues, cleaning