MMS Job corner helped me find a Job

  • Posted on: 11 January 2015
  • By: Admin RSY

I was really surprised when I knew for the first time that Massey has a proper Islamic center. This center meets the demand of a proper masjid and serves the spiritual needs of Muslim students. In my experience, the moment I enter into islamic center a feeling of peacefulness surrounds me. We pray, eat, and rest here. This center belongs to everyone beyond our cultural backgrounds and languages. It is like a 'shelter' for us. Not only for Muslims, but Islamic center also welcomes non-Muslims to come and learn about Islam.I must acknowledge that I am benefitted by job corner at MMS website that helped me to find my current empolyer. Jazakumullah khair and keep it up!!!

Student Name: 
Sadia Tahir (PhD), Research Assistant @ Riddet Institute