Massey Muslim Society is "The BEST" says MUSA

  • Posted on: 24 February 2015
  • By: Asif Zia

I had been the Ex-Vice President of MMS (2013-14 EC) and found MMS as a wonderful platform for helping and supporting Muslim brothers and sisters involved in the undergraduate studies. Allah provided me an opportunity to help my Muslim brothers and sisters from UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Omen, Malaysia and Indonesia by teaching them Engineering Math and Physics through Center of Teaching and Learning and Study Groups while I was doing my PhD research here at Massey. MMS served as an ice-breaker platform to know them and the challenges they were facing in their studies. It helped me too in performance of my duties as a Vice President  and in my doctoral Research. After completing my doctorate with 4 Journal articles in A-grade journals and 8 conference papers presented across the world including USA, UK and South America, I am now working on my post-doc research for one year at SEAT which gives me one more year of opportunity to use MMS platform to help my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters pursuing their careers in engineering. May Allah help me in my endeavor. AAMEEN

Student Name: 
Dr Asif Zia