Who We Are

The primary purpose of the Massey Muslim Society (MMS) is to establish a platform to unite Muslim students at Massey University under one umbrella. MMS aims to develop strong linkages among all Muslim students at Massey so that they can help each other and discuss issues of common interest. MMS also aims to promote understanding of Islam among student and staff community at Massey University. Our strengths mainly rely on the diversity of Muslims students and staff at Massey University, who share the same religious beliefs. The Massey Muslim Society is unique in having both students and staff members from over 18 countries (Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Somalia, Palestine, Iran, Egypt, Kuwait, Maldives, France, Bangladesh, Fiji, New Zealand and India) who embody huge potential and leading capabilities. 

Providing a Common Platform to Discuss and Resolve Issues of Common Interest

Various gatherings and different events carried out throughout the year result in strong networks amongst members as well as with related internal and external bodies.

The five compulsory daily prayers help members to get to know one another and discuss various academic or social issues of common interest. The MMS serves the Muslim students at Massey University by providing them with facilities to fulfill their mandatory religious obligations, as well as grow spiritually. Therefore, the regular establishment of the daily five times a day congregational prayers for Muslim students is one of the most important roles of the MMS. Likewise, the Friday khuttbahs help improve members‟ understanding and knowledge of Islam.

Proper communication and mutual cooperation among allies is always crucial for building strong ties, and for enjoying full support and benefits. Massey Muslim Society operates closely with Massey University and MUSA‟s regulations. MMS discusses and presents various issues of different natures utilising University authorities during meetings. MMS conducts a number of surveys to evaluate the Executive Committee‟s performance and to highlight key academic or ritual issues for members, either with Massey or with other related bodies such as, immigration or insurance agencies.

For enhanced interaction at an internal level, MMS participates in different cultural and social events organized by other clubs/ societies. Likewise, the Executive Committee members of numerous other societies/ clubs/associations at Massey are invited to MMS‟s formal and social gatherings. For external networking, the MMS joins and shares various joint projects with related organizations such as, FIANZ and MMA e.g Eid celebrations, Islam Awareness Week / Islam Open Day, lectures, sports and social events like BBQs. In order to better understand the crux of other religions, a number of discussions and meetings are arranged between MMS and societies or organizations representing other faiths such as, Chaplaincy


MMS holds both educational and Islamic lectures for the students and staff at Massey University. Click here to see our latest Educational and Islamic lectures

The arrangement of various stalls during open-day, orientation, clubs day and Islam awareness week provide opportunities for the MMS to introduce itself to people of other religions. As a result of various lectures and seminars, the majority of the academic community at Massey University knows about the special needs and way of life of the Muslim community. 

Social Activities

Social gathering in Massey University

Social events always reflect the cultural, religious and behavioral dispositions of a nation, religion and people. MMS engages its members and non-members by organizing different social events and activities. These gatherings showcase important values of the Islamic culture and religion. To enhance interaction among members, MMS organizes a sports gala (annual sports-day and participation in the Ethkick soccer tournament), recreational (annual trip) and ritual (Eids, Iftar) events throughout the year. Gatherings involving BBQs are the most popular social gatherings of the year.

The MMS strongly believes that these social gatherings have played a vital role in establishing strong connections among members of diverse background and culture, consequently shaping a united community at Massey. These activities have not only brought members closer but have also been a significant source for a better communication with its partners and related organizations. These social gatherings help reduce the feeling of loneliness for international students since these gatherings provide a home-like environment among a circle of friends.

Monitoring and Review

For successful event management and arrangement, pre-planning, proper consideration, a review of all aspects and a post event analysis are prerequisites. Likewise, every activity and event are planned, discussed, and reviewed in the Executive Committee (EC) meetings properly. It also discussed with senior members and external bodies at least one month prior to the date of the event.

Members and funding partners are informed well before time in order to enhance maximum participation and avoid any inconvenience with respect to funds. MMS welcomes both criticism and suggestions, and appreciates responses from members and related bodies. Feedback and comments from members are recorded and documented to show concern for improving activities in the future.

MMS is a registered Massey University society and is one of the biggest societies at Massey that not only has members of diverse origins and cultures but which also communicates with a number of associations, clubs and societies at Massey University, as well as with a variety of funding and supporting organizations at a national level. To ensure a transparent accounting system, the MMS is a highly reliable and trusted society with a shared bank account, which operates in line and in conjunction with MUSA rules and requires two signatories in addition to the MMS treasurer. Members and external bodies are encouraged to deposit funds directly into the MMS bank account. This not only ensures a fairer checking over of the balance but also helps us in tracking finances and keeping records. The treasurer keeps records of all the bank statements, transactions, and expenses. Each committee member is liable to have an annual audit for each fiscal year before handing it over to next Executive Committee.

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